Scrum Positive

Not all people are the same and not all scrum teams are the same, the structure and dynamics are different. This demands different Scrum support treatments to see improvement. Scrum Positive is a one day online Training and coaching blend session which can also be broken into two days.

The question that often comes to mind is “Why would an existing Scrum team need scrum training?”. Very valid… and the answer is.. Not all teams become a Scrum Team after every member has received the needed training. Many form as the byproduct of mechanical scrum exercises.

A mechanical scrum exercise is where you create a team of 5 to 9 members and put them into a 2 week thread mill hoping shippable software increments to be delivered. The surprising factor however is some of the teams evolve rapidly and start delivering value. That is
because people are inherently creative and adaptive and genuine learners. But not every team will surprise you.

What Scrum Positive does is put a structured one day program including a few things

Session on the the Scrum Framework and Agile Values and Principles (This is basic but powerful)
Conduct a retrospective learning exercise to create a Retro Board for improvement
Work on a real scenarios to explore creative solutions of improvement  explore what an internal Coaching Culture will look like
Discuss the scrum side of remote working (every remote working dynamics is different)
Create an action plan to follow through with a self-evaluation matrix.

What we expect through a Scrum Positive session is to bring the team members to a common understanding of the Scrum practice. Many of the gaps that exist are due to the lack of such sessions in the first place and everyone’s Scrum understanding is not always positive. That is where Scrum Positive comes.

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