Scrum Master Coaching

Are you someone who is interested in pursuing a career as a Scrum Master. Do you believe there is a gap between certification and execution?

We are in no way undermining the importance of certification. But just like any other field, there is a space between the theory and practice, that can only be filled by spending time in the trenches, walking the talk, making mistakes and correcting them in a continuously improving fashion. Teams and individuals need coaching to bridge this Gap.

PenPositive offers a peer to peer coaching model for individuals or groups who wish to advance their knowledge and career prospects in Agile Scrum. 

Our Coaching is available for people in various parts of the journey. You might just have got your certification and looking out or may be you are thinking of a certification or you might be looking to switch career to be a Scrum Master. We are here to help you. Drop us a line and we can chat.

More and more companies invest in the process with an organizational commitment in Agile Transformations. You too can be part of it and build teams that deliver quality product increments frequently and help them in their continuous improvement.