Minimal Agile

Minimalism in Life; Agility at Work

When ever we here agile it is always about work and mostly with Software. But we feel it is incomplete when we look at it only at a work level and need life in the picture. That is where Minimalagile comes in.

Minimalagile is a way to bring Life and Work together so people can Enjoy what they do and also explore more opportunities to find what they love to do. To enjoy work, I believe that minimalism and agility should go hand in hand

We all know about the lean thinking that focuses on eliminating waste in a process. Which is effective in business. In life we want to focus on the minimalistic approach that reduces a person’s dependency on money and goods money can buy. It is also a way to differentiate value from your purchase power.

As working professionals we spend a considerable amount of time at work. If you take 8 hours (some even have 18 hours) every day, 5 days a week (some do it all 7 days), that is a lot of time. It is 1/3 of your day minimum. As the retirement age is increasing and the ability of people to retire early is diminishing, work becomes a major part of our Life. And that is more reason that we should Enjoy work than Endure Work.

​Studies show that there are so many people (as per reports) who are unhappy with their work. Many feel stuck, with bills to pay, commitments to keep, luxuries they are lured into, to maintain a status; what ever be the reason, there seems to be no escape from work. And we believe the answer could be found in the two elements Minimal and agile.When you become minimal and agile you start working a lot more with people and working with people is key to enjoying life and work. Come join me in a conversation as I am exploring life and work with MinimalAgile

What does enjoying work have to do with minimalism and agility… here is our thought… A minimal mindset urges us to be minimal in life and reduces your dependency on the ‘More’ of the things you want to own. It then opens up way more opportunities around you. If your requirements are minimal, the choice of work you could do to sustain and be happy increases multiple fold.

Enjoyment in Life comes from your ability to choose and not the ability to buy

An agile mindset urges you to be transparent and open at work. With a goal for continuous improvement individually and for the team you get more out of feedbacks and learning opportunities. The iterative working model helps you see results faster that will help you deliver better value.

Enjoyment at work comes from accomplishment and evident improvement not a fat paycheck