Content Creation

Content is People Centric. We consider content creation as a tool for education and change. Our content creation engine currently reaches over 500K subscribed users and growing. Our role in content creation goes beyond our content channels and branches into two areas of

Content Coaching which is the process of working with individuals who are interested to use content creation as their tool for creating and managing their digital reputation. While not everyone is creating content, we believe everyone can and should create content. What is
needed is to identify your right content mix from images, written word, audio, video or a mix of all these. Today Content Creation is key to reclaiming your digital footprint. Making your digital strolls planned and purposeful and a positive working model for you.

Everyone has some kind of influence and everyone can be an influencer if they have the knowledge to share.

Content Collaboration is an area we experiment with others. There are so many amazing ways content can be used for education, learning, value creation and making this world a better place. The word ‘content’ is being redefined through new avenues and tools and what we need as content creators is to collaborate and seize our piece of this
digital landscape.