Agile Thinking

Agile Thinking today is beyond Software, it is the thinking needed to succeed in a changing world. Let us look at Agile Thinking from a few different aspects.

Organizations exist in an environment where new business models are disrupting industries. Surviving and Thriving today means foreseeing what is coming and Being Agileadapting to it. If an Agile Transformation does not happen today, tomorrow might be too late. For organizations it is not just the mindset change for the CEO and Top level management but about an entire Organization’s Agility.

Software teams have been talking about ‘Being Agile’ for quote a while, but agility for a team is beyond software. The paradigm shift from traditional project management to value based iterative delivery is key. Transforming into an agile team involves an iterative approach that will have quality, learning and improvement all built into the process.

Individuals have been setting goals for a long time and that includes long term and short term goals. By Agile Thinking, we build individual learning cycles that create value. Each individual learning Cycle is an achievable small win. You can even call it a way to approach life through iterative experimental cycles. It becomes a way of life

Teens are younger individuals but their element of agility will weigh a lot on education and learning along with value delivery. Today Agile Thinking is as important as Critical Thinking because it gives a framework using which teens can build on their skills, experiment on
ideas, learn and generate value.

At Penpositive we work on all these aspects through planned group learning engagements. Contact us to discuss your specific need.