Agile @ Work

Agile Scrum has has been enabling the delivery of  better quality products for quite some time. More and more companies invest in the process with an organizational commitment in Agile Transformations. Teams are being tasked to deliver quality product increments more frequently and there is an ongoing thrust for continuous delivery and improvement. If you are working in the Software Industry then you are also expected to be able to work within Agile teams.

But there is a gap between certification and execution

I am in no way undermining the importance of certification. But just like any other field, there is a space between the theory and practice, that can only be filled by spending time in the trenches, walking the talk, making mistakes and correcting them in a continuously improving fashion. Teams and individuals need coaching to bridge this Gap.

Every individual need and team dynamics is unique and everyone has a unique story that got them to where they are.

If you want to start do it as a Journey because you might be at any stage of that journey. You might be someone who is planning to take up an agile role like a Scrum Master or may be you might be one who needs help in preparing for career growth in the Agile space or may be you are part of a team embarking on Agile. Or may be you are a team or an organization wanting to be Agile.

What is your unique story?

Individuals and organizations are all different and one size fits all does not always work. Some teams have the experience of working together for long while some other teams are fairly new. Some organizations have a commitment to being Agile, Some are not there yet. Some Scrum Masters are Passionate, but for some it is just another Job. The challenges can be different, but the bottom line does not change; Building High Quality Software that is released frequently.

There are Debates; But agile is about building products and not winning debates. it is about continuous improvement

Since every company is trying to be (or at least they say they do) agile in one form or other, it is important that as an individual there is an expectation for you to understand how to work in an agile company. That being said it is also true that there are many interpretations of it. Some going directly as per a guide, while some willing to make changes and detours to benefit the team.

I personally think it is OK for teams to have their own version of being agile as long as they adhere to the core principles and Value Propositions of being agile and if it works for you in delivering high quality product Increments frequently.

The question is how are you improving continuously? If your focus is to release workable software more frequently out of the door then rest of the process debate can be worked on.

There are always never ending debates on how to estimate, or if you need an estimate, how to size a story, what is an Epic, How do you manage releases, Should Product Owner attend a meeting, Can a PM be a Scrum Master and on and on and on. Bottom line however is, Are you able to ship high quality workable software out of the door frequently?, that’s what matters in the end. If you are not, that is from where you should start and build up.

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