Welcome to Penpositive!

Penpositive is a Media and Learning Company experimenting at the intersection of Education, Entertainment and Social Awareness.

Our multiple initiatives both online and offline help us work with Individuals, Teams and Organizations to ‘Be Agile’

Our unique approach called ‘Minimal Agile’ speaks about being Minimal in Life and Agile @ work. As the name suggests it blends minimalism and agile thinking into life and work.

‘Being Agile’ is at the core of what we do. And content a major part of how we deliver. We use agility and content to redefine the possibilities in Media and Learning.

Our Learning journey is to explore ways to make online education more engaging and entertaining so that we can improve the participation and completion rates of online courses. More like being a ‘Learning Coach’

The power of the pen is not in the color of ink it spills….. But the power of the word it Spells

What We Do

We offer our services across multiple channels, using the complete power of what a digital world can provide us. Our Online Learning initiative offers courses for Individuals in the areas of Agile Thinking, Career Development and Personal Growth.

Our Consulting initiative works with companies in Agile Transformation. We also work with individual teams to coach them towards being self organized and Agile.

Our Coaching and Training initiative offers agile coaching and SAFe Training through our SAFe Program Consultants.

We effectively use the Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and blogs to reach and engage with our clients to deliver value –

  • Educate, Entertain & Engage through Content creation
  • Promote Agile Thinking and Continuous Learning
  • Help redefine Career Boundaries through career insights
  • Engage to foster personal growth among Individuals.
  • Speaking in virtual conferences…. And More….

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