There is so much content on the web than you have time to read….. This is an issue I have faced over years even when I used the Google Reader…. And now while using Feedly… The problem I had was I go ahead and add updates from several websites and then keywords related updates… finally you end up with like around 1000+ updates a day… And if you miss one day then you have a backlog…
But in one way it is ok… because much of this content is not value for you… it is your time that is more valuable… But then how do you ensure that you have those pieces of information that is definitely important to you and can make a difference in what you do…. Here are a few steps I have found useful….

Step 1 – Determine why you need to consume all this content
People consume content for a variety of reasons and I don’t agree you are consuming because you have time at your disposal… You might be doing so to be abreast with technologies, leisure, finding opportunities or moving forward in your career… whatever is the reason…. You need to know why you need to consume…

Step 2 – Dedicate time to consume your content
Consumption of content takes time… even worse is it can take all the time you have and leave you with none to act on the information you have which makes your consumption useless (this is mostly true for bloggers than others)…. This is where a tool like Feedly makes a real difference because you can just like the Google reader scan, read or save…. But you have to allocate time to go over even the saved content or you will have a saved backlog….

Step 3 – Prioritize the content you want to consume
Based on your reason of consumption prioritize your content so that you can gain bet of your time…. I prefer news, targeted updates from blogs I regularly want to follow, Keyword related updates and so on…. Feedly helps a lot in organizing your content and getting it well on to your mobile device… Prioritization of the content you want to consume can get you maximum throughput on your efforts

Step 4 – Be unsentimental about missed content
If you did not consume it is not the end of the world…. I always say you should be unsentimental of the content you produce so you can focus time and effort on the content that is most important and valuable…. The same is true for the content you consume or fail to consume…. Accept the fact that there is so much content out there that if you have time can be beneficial to you… but time is of essence and worrying that you have not got to is nothing but a time waste

Step 5 – Be disciplined
Everything is about discipline….. So is your plan for content consumption… For many this content consumption is part of their work but for many they have a different day job that they need to take care of… and for some it is an addiction… whatever is your case it is important to be disciplined so you can be effective…


How does someone feel complete? On December 30th one more day and you step into a new year. Your one year is complete and you used up another year of your life. Do you feel complete? what does complete mean? Does it mean different things for different people?

Over the years I have heard people say they feel incomplete, often as a realization to something missing; love, money, emotional security… what ever that may be… incomplete is often heard. But how does one feel complete?
There are no ‘one size fits all’ answer to such a question and that is the first thing that need to be understood before we all try to explore an answer to our liking. In my opinion what we all can attain is perspectives of completeness. I can share my perspective and may be you can think about yours. And it need not be the same or even anywhere similar. We live in a world where there are more than one ‘correct answer’ to every question.
Completeness for me is a momentary impulse. There is no hard and fast rule that completeness is an end to incompleteness. It is a feeling that can come and go. Since we live in an ever expanding universe, our thoughts, fears, wants, are all ever expanding. But while we expand our feelings we often get a moment where we feel that nothing is bothering us anymore. Many times the moment you feel that way something pushes you out of that comfort zone and you are back to square one.

But does that mean Completeness does not exist? No I am not saying that. It does exist, but it is not something you hang on to once you get it. It is something that you feel, let go, live and may be feel again after some other time.

In the new year how can we try to be complete more often?  
I have a simple process that has worked for me and want to share with you this new year.
First I list out all the things I love to do and then list out all the things I have to do. For some people these are the same but for many they are quite different, even if some do not accept it.  Now the ‘things I love to do’ is very personal and not always do other people know about this. Only you come to know about it when you are deprived of doing it. The “things I have to do” are more public, people know about it, they might depend on it for their activities, they will give you suggestions on the same and these are the things that make you part of the society.

Once I have these things I first see if I can equate some of the items. Sometimes they do overlap and that makes me happy. Sometimes there are exactly opposite and that is when I have to make a tough call. I have to strike out one from one of the list and that is a tough decision. I do it in such a way that my aim is that this tough call of mine does not hurt me.

When I do this a few times these lists kind of lie on the background of my mind. And I have often felt completeness when I know that I have been able to give my time to items from both lists every day. And I feel incomplete when one list is ignored.

I am not saying this is the only way… but this is the way I have felt it… We all talk from our perspectives of the world, sometimes in that process we share the same views, sometimes we disagree and argue, but in all good faith we accept that it is both the acceptances and disagreements that make things complete for us. we need them all.

I wish you all a 2015 that will give you the completeness that you wish for. Try making these two lists and see how they go for you… You might always have to do things that you do not really like to do, because that is how life is… but you should not ignore what you love to do… because that keeps you alive and happy.

Best Wishes